Rankin's Cricket Club News story

Indoor Cricket Nets

25 Nov 2019

We have now made arrangements for the renewal of our reciprocal arrangement with Greensward Academy and will be providing indoor cricket training for both softball and hardball players up to year 7 U13s.  Training will take place on Monday evenings from 7- 8pm.  

Pre-Xmas this will be low key and we have 3 sessions available beginning 2nd December until 16th December inclusive.  We plan to use these sessions for those players who are moving up to u11 and are playing hardball cricket for either the first time or are relatively new to it.  These will be acclimatisation sessions mainly for last years top u9s who are moving up but open to younger ones who want to try out hard ball to see if they are ready to play u11 cricket.

In 2020 we will resume on 6th January and go all the way through until 20th April every Monday at the same time 7 - 8 pm.  We will alternate with Softball training and hardball.  Softball will be first on 6th January.  Softball will be ideal for those that have had a taster of cricket through All Stars and want to progress with the goal of playing some U9 competitive softball cricket in the summer. 

Hardball, starting on the 13th, is a new development for us as we will have use of the Greensward nets and there will be a lane for U11 and one for u13s  We will also make use of the rest of the hall for additional hardball drills in fielding and perhaps 1:1 coaching if coaches and other resources allow.

As previously there will be a small charge of £3 per child per session.

We will aim to have as many coaches and helpers there as possible so if parents are able to help out with net supervision or in any other way please let me know.

Many thanks