Club Lottery

As a Club we are always looking at ways to raise funds and a great way of doing this is the Club Lottery.

The Club Lottery was introduced in June 1995 by John Taylor better known as JT. You buy shares at £5 each and these are paid by standing order monthly.  You can have as many shares as you wish. The Lottery has paid for many things you see today at Rankin's Cricket Club.

Not only does the Club Lottery raise much needed revenue, but also gives money back to the share holders through a high percentage of winnings.

If you would like to support this please email Martin Shields for details.

Results of Draw Number 110 held on 9th March 2023 at Rankins Committee Meeting : 

First Prize


Number 27

Chris Whale

Second Prize


Number 39

Alan Benson

Number 76

Joan Hammett

Number 37

Dave Kennedy

Third Prize

£50 (x6)

Number 60

Mark Albon (winnings paid back                              to club)

Number 42

  Roger Tanton         

Number 75

Shakira O'Connor

Number 40

Colin Budrey

Number 37

Bharat Ghandi

Number 89

Brian Pettitt            

Next draw will take place June 2023

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